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[27 Dec 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Heroes Day in London highlights global significance of Tamil struggle

Conveying a spirit of struggle taking the Tamil Eelam liberation movement as inspiration, speakers at the Maaveerar Naa’l (Tamil Eelam Heroes Day) event in London highlighted the global significance of the Tamils’ struggle. The powers who collaborated with genocidal Sri Lanka, who take a position of genocide-denial, who deny the nationhood and self-determination of the Eezham Tamils, who banned and still push for the ban of the LTTE – these are the issues that Tamils need to challenge, not just [...]

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[17 Dec 2014 | Comments Off | ]
SL presidential race brings violence between EPDP, TNA in Jaffna

A District Development Council (DDC) meeting, which was co-chaired by Northern Provincial Council (NPC) Chief Minister C.V Wigneswaran and SL Minister Douglas Devananda, ended in violence at Jaffna District Secretariat on Tuesday, when the EPDP paramilitary leader Mr Devananda faced objections from the NPC councillors of the TNA for turning the DDC meeting a venue for Rajapaksa’s election propaganda. The paramilitary goons of the EPDP began to assault the TNA representatives who objected the conduct of the EPDP leader at [...]

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[24 Nov 2014 | Comments Off | ]

The SL military is interfering in the assistance and resettlement of the Up-Country Tamil landslide victims in Meeriya-bedda in the same manner it interferes in the resettlement of Tamils in the North and East. The military is everywhere monitoring everyone visiting the affected. The victims have been demanding proper responses to their questions on where and how the resettlement housing and livelihood plans would be implemented, before moving into a longer-term temporary settlement inside an abandoned station factory. SL military, [...]

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[13 Nov 2014 | Comments Off | ]

While it increasingly becomes clear that genocide on Eezham Tamils was committed not because of ‘terrorism’ or of anything else, but just because of a stubborn stand motivated by the greed of imperialisms, especially of New Delhi that independence to Eezham Tamils would spoil their chances of eating the cake in full; and after New Delhi’s ridiculous failure of 13A with the genocidal Sinhala State for well over quarter a century, the NPC chief minister C.V. Wigneswaran now talking of [...]

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[5 Nov 2014 | Comments Off | ]
‘Solidarity of oppressed nations needed to defeat global system of oppression’

“The system that oppresses us is global. The system that oppresses us is united and in solidarity with each other. So we need to be in solidarity with each other against the same system that oppresses us. The Tamil national liberation struggle is a case in point. Your enemies are our enemies”, said Kurdish activist Memed Aksoy, urging for greater solidarity among oppressed nations. In an exclusive interview to TamilNet on Sunday, Mr. Aksoy, who is also a filmmaker and [...]

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[27 Oct 2014 | One Comment | ]

The Government of Tamil Nadu should come forward to take a lead in the future in representing the aspirations of Eelam Tamils in the world arena in demanding justice for the genocide committed against the Eelam Tamils, Ananthy Sasitharan, a councillor from the Northern Provincial Council, has said in an interview to TamilNet Palaka’ni during her visit to Europe in September, when she made a submission in person to the OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka. “We urge the Chief Minister [...]

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[1 Aug 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Media groups protest against SL military’s shadow war on Eezham Tamil journalists

Following the SL military sabotage against Tamil journalists, who were on their way to attend a workshop held in Colombo on Friday, 25 July, and against the continued threat and harassment of the involved Eezham Tamil journalists, Tamil journalists in the five districts of Northern Province came together at a protest organised by the Jaffna Press Club in Jaffna city on Thursday. Media organisations based in South also took part in the protest in Jaffna expressing their solidarity with the [...]

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[28 Jul 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Women groups protest against SL Navy rape of Tamil children at Kaarainakar

A group of people representing the women groups in Jaffna staged a protest in front of the High Court in Jaffna on Friday demanding the legal system to punish the culprits behind the brutal rape of children in the occupied country of Eezham Tamils. The protestors had sealed their mouths with black bands to register the gagged condition under SL military occupation. In the meantime, SL navy and army intelligence operatives harassed two female reporters who went to Juvenile Magistrate’s [...]

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[25 Jul 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Protesting mother exposes occupying SL military’s false propaganda

“The SL military never bought my lands. They said I need to provide details to obtain land. Then I was forced to sign a paper in Sinhala at the police station. The SL military moved into my land and has now sent notice to seize the lands permanently from me,” said a Tamil mother who protested against the land surveyors who came to her land situated along the A9 Road, at Mirusuvil in Thenmaraadchi of the Jaffna district. While the [...]

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[25 Jul 2014 | 2 Comments | ]
Struggle against genocidal military land-grab intensifies in Jaffna

Survey department officials who were accompanied by the Sri Lankan police to survey lands of Eezham Tamils for permanent seizure by the occupying SL military at Achchuveali, situated in Valikaamam East of Jaffna district, were forced to withdraw after their vehicle was blockaded by the Tamil land owners with the support of Tamil political and civil activists in a successful protest for second time within a few days on Monday. The SL military, which has occupied the lands belonging to [...]

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[18 Jun 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Who is behind Sri Lanka’s religious violence? – Inside Story

The Sri Lankan government has imposed an indefinite curfew in a popular tourist area after a group of Buddhists killed three muslims and injured dozens of others.

President Mahinda Rajapakse’s government is accused of doing little to prevent this latest violence. It is said to have encouraged the rise of the Bodu Bana Sena, the group at the heart of the latest crisis. Rajapakse has denied any link to the group.

The latest unrest came weeks after Muslim legislators asked President [...]

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[7 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Peace Studies philosopher advises Tamils to tell the story with a vision

“Let us say you have one million Tamils in the Tamil diaspora. They used to collect money for the LTTE. They collected a lot of money. Let me put it in very plain simple terms: these one million work on the media of the world and make the story better known,” said 84-year old Peace Studies Professor Johan Galtung, in an interview to TamilNet-Palaka’ni last month. Acknowledging that the Eezham Tamils face genocide and structural genocide, identifying the Mahavamsa mentality [...]

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[7 Apr 2014 | Comments Off | ]

Having Sri Lanka’s genocidal military commander Major General Shavendra Silva as an adviser to UN Peacekeeping and giving more significance to Syria and North Korea than to the crimes Sri Lanka, the United Nations Secretary General and officials under him are encouraging Sri Lanka to work with the UN Human Rights Council’s mechanisms in Geneva despite Colombo categorically stating that it will not cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) after the resolution passed last [...]

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[28 Mar 2014 | Comments Off | ]
‘Victory for Sri Lankan people’: UN to probe ‘war crimes’ – Channel 4 News

The United Nations is to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes and continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

Five years after the island’s 26-year-long civil war ended, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has voted in favour of a US and UK-led resolution mandating the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake "a comprehensive independent investigation."

This is a victory for the people of Sri Lanka who need to know the truth. David Cameron

Not [...]

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[26 Mar 2014 | Comments Off | ]
Guruparan addresses de-Tamilization, dichotomization in Geneva narrative

“Unless we take a critical stance in terms of what is happening in Geneva and unless we move away from the approach that all roads lead to Geneva in terms of how Tamil problems are going to be looked at, we are not going to identify the alternatives,” Tamil civil society activist and Jaffna University law academic Kumaravadivel Guruparan said while discussing whether the resolution to be tabled in Geneva is part of solution or problem. On the question, if [...]